Monstrous Births

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Nunya Bizney
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Friends ONLY

This is my journal....there are many like it, but this one is mine.

You may enter if you are a friend.

Things you should know:

1. I am an academic. I am getting a PHD in 17th-century British and "American" literature. This does not mean that YOU have to be an academic. This does not mean that I always spell correctly. I do not know what every word in the English lexicon means. I do not always use words like Lexicon. I do not expect YOU to be perfect, either. In fact, it's more interesting when neither of us pretends to be.

2. Check my friends list. See anyone you don't like? Just don't come in here, then. If I let you in, I let you in and you get the same treatment.

3. I'm a person in transition. I really, really do not have things figured out. I'm going to work on it, though, and try to be vigilant. But don't expect to read posts about a sophisticated, educated and pulled-together woman.

4. Your TMI factor must be relatively high. I do have a couple of filters, but I rarely use them. But don't let this mislead you -- don't expect to come in and read all of the details of my sex life, either, because I just don't write much about it. Not that I mind if YOU do.

5. This is a drama-free zone. Except for my personal drama. THAT you will indeed experience should you decide to add me.

But in terms of being drama-free: We can all disagree respectfully, right? And we should disagree. Love fests are totally fantastic, but individual expression is one thing having a journal is about. On the other hand, endless debate tires me.

6. Don't like posts about personal life? This is really not the journal for you, then. I post mostly about my personal life, which is why this is locked. I'm working on changing this and bringing my political and academic life into this journal, but it's all a work in progress. As am I.

7. If you wish to add me, or if you just do (which is fine), drop me a message. I don't always check these things and sometimes don't see that you've added me until much later. And then I wonder if I was rude.

8. Everything in this journal is mine and mine alone. Bitches.

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